Bilgewater Main entrance

Blackwater Park sits on the cliffs in the southern region of Nara amidst thick and tropical forest. Here, sailors and ships run the gambit of Blackwater Park's rocky cliffs in the mist that frequents the area. They say ships of old once crashed into the cliffs in one of the harshest storm ever seen. Their wreckage was then used to build the foundations of the city.

Whether the legends are true or not, the city of Blackwater Park is a sight to behold from sea. Massive galleys and flagships precariously teeter on cliffs and outcroppings where bridges, houses, and cranes feel like a spider's web.


"You know what the top three items that are reported stolen from visitors who come to Blackwater Park? Daggers, gold, and rum. And the top unreported stolen item? Freewill."
-Bolduf, Captain of the guard within Blackwater Park
Notorious for its seedy population, Blackwater Park holds a reputation for aspiring pirates, drug dealers, prostitutes, and entrepreneurs alike. However, one will have to navigate the perpetual turf war between the various gangs that fight for local control of the city. One wrong turn could cost a traveler their coin purse, or their life in the form of lifelong slavery.

Despite its shortcomings, Blackwater Park holds a unique culture along with some of the most talented sailors to ever traverse the oceans of Revan.

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