Edinbrig sits on the eastern most point of Nara linking this to the land of Norvel. From the side of Nara, travelers can see fields of ramshack tents and homes in front of Edinbrig's massive towers. While it is not a town in the traditional sense, the refugees and poor have turned Edinbrig into a massive community that attracts many who wish to help, and hinder, those in need.

"One of our own went onto the bridge to feed the hungry, cleanse the sick, and clothe the naked. When trying to enter Nara again, he was denyed entry back in because he 'didn't have the proper papers.' Only after hiring a lawman and aruging with the guard for three months did we finally get permission to get him off the bridge. Turns out, he died a week prior of starvation."
-Member to the Order of the Radiant Flame
Crossing the bridge itself is no trivial matter. One who wishes to traverse the bridge must obtain documentation from the both Nara and Norvel representatives. In addition to proper identification, length of stay must be accounted for when generating the appropiate documentation. As a result, someone traveling from one location to the other will not be let back into the departed continent until their length of stay is fulfilled.

This rigidity in immigration has created a community of those forced to live, or die, on the bridge. Houses are constructed from carts and cargo that did not make it fully accross the bridge. People starve and beg while guards from both contintent routinely patrol the wall and waters below to make sure no one seeks unlawful entry.