While Maldover is the youngest region classified by the Council of Nara, some of the oldest culture in Nara can be found in it's sands. Nomadic tribes traverse the heart of the Maldovian desert while pieces of Edin ruins hide just below the surface.


The city of Maldover itself is located just on the Muir Sea which acts as a crossroads for for those who travel inland from Ravenholm, Blackwater Park, and Arakhora. As a result, the city teems as a port for traversal and trade.

"Maldover: the only place in all of Revan where I can find a Tiefling, worshipers for the goddess of peace or pain, and a necromancer all in the same day." -Zama Shari
This oasis in the middle of Nara attracts a diverse group people who seek tolerance, prosperity, and the exchange of knowledge. Orginally, Maldover was a place of worship and a retreat for those who worshipped any of the Gods. However, a man named Jairo believed he could do more for the city of Maldover.

Jairo wanted use the tolerant culture of the city to promote the study of the arcane. He eventually started construction of the Jairo Academy to fulfill his vision but never lived long enough to see it completed.

As a result, God's Quarter and Jairo Academy strike a balance of faith and research that has made Maldover grow faster than it can withstand.