Raveholm Streets

In the PotE and OaBE campaigns, Ravenholm is the captial city of continent of Nara. Despite its layout, it is mostly known as a port city. Since the formation of the council of Nara, two walls surround the city where a gray and cloudy sky often covers the city. Specialized bladesinger guards, wearing armor in similar likeness to the many ravens that call this area their home, walk the walls and docks.

"You don't just go to Ravenholm. Even our governor has to wait a year in advanced before being granted access into the city"
-Sani of Maldover
Not much is known about the inside of the as most citizens have never seen the inside of the city. Only esteemed government officials or diplomats are allowed in the city with proper documentation. Most of the cities inhabitants live on the docks and flourish in rich trade and culture as the city is wedged between Maldover, Shikoku Islands, and Valgaard.

The only known fact is that the council sits within an old Edin temple in the center of the city behind another pentagon wall. The council meets can be hearded all the way on the docks where crowds of people will often stand near the gates to hear many matters being dicussed from afar.